Boot mix new boots ankle boots lace-up boots 1st choice remaining stock

  • Boot mixed lot, mixed package, remaining stock, special price, mail order goods, brands.
  • In 1A quality, 1st choice.
  • New and in original packaging.
  • For ladies.
  • Different sizes, Gr. 36 to size 42 can be there.
  • Can contain:
  • Lace-up boots, boots, boots, ankle boots, hut boots, ankle boots, cowboy boots, short boots, casual boots, warm winter boots ...
  • Different materials, such as:
  • Real suede, imitation leather, textile, material mix, ... can be included.
  • Brands such as: Citywalk, Bodyflirt ... and others.
  • The photos show items that are included in the completley stock lot. There are also items that you don't see in the photos. Not every item and not every brand is in every package.
  • Minimum purchase: 22 pairs.


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