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TIE BREAK Wholesale Clothing: big brands at small prices

Since 1997, TIE BREAK, the wholesale clothing for its customers great brands for low prices. The textiles wholesaler TIE BREAK sells textile special and Remnants of various mail order companies and trend brands at bargain prices to retailers. If you also have a textile industry in the future and the many benefits, such as, for example, want to benefit newcomers to the weekly fashion brand, then register the same as a new customer with our wholesale clothing.

Registration as a new customer in the tiebreaker GmbH is simple: In the shop register, create an account and send it by fax or e-mail the business license. And now you can benefit from the extensive range of products. Because the variety of products is wide. You'll find not only men's, women's and children's clothing at reasonable prices, but also shoes and home textiles. Besides the large number of individual items of wholesale clothing also provides for so-called mixed packages.

The tiebreaker GmbH since 1997 as a wholesaler of clothing, looking back on it more than 24 years of experience in the textile wholesaler. Through this experience, it is the fashion wholesale TIE BREAK possible to serve its clients with expert and you should always be able to offer first-class clothing. Because of course TIE BREAK respects as a specialist in the field of wholesale clothing with all its products on high quality as well as to date styling.