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  • Mixed items, remaining items, special items, mixed items, mixed packages, mail-order goods.
  • Women's dresses, you only get dresses for women.
  • Mini dresses, midi dresses, maxi dresses, in fashionable colors and styles.
  • New and in original packaging.
  • 1A quality, 1st choice.
  • Sizes: XS, 32, 34.
  • many different items,
  • such as:
  • Shirt dress, evening dress, georgette dress, carmen dress, lace dress, mesh dress, summer dress, asymmetrical dress, lace dress, sheath dress, cocktail dress, chiffon dress, jersey dress, print dress, strap dress, oversized dress, layered dress and others....
  • The photos show items included in the entire lot. There are also items that you do not see in the photos.
  • Not every item is in every package.
  • Minimum purchase: 32 pieces.
  • Pictures: Bilder download
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