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Price reductions
  • High-quality curtain mix, mixed package, remaining stock, mail order goods.
  • New and in original packaging.
  • 1 A quality, 1st choice.
  • Extra many different items.
  • You get for example:
  • Blackout curtains, decorative blinds, Roman blinds, curtains, LED panel curtains, short blinds, panel curtains, over curtains, curtains, decorative curtains, panel curtains, string curtains, ... and others.
  • Various designs such as: with eyelets, with curling tape, with loops, Velcro... and others.
  • Various items, designs, sizes and materials.
  • The photos show items included in the entire lot. There are also items that you do not see in the photos. Not every item is in every package.
  • You get packs of 1, rarely a pack of 2.
    Sets are counted as one part.
  • Minimum purchase: 41 pieces (1 box).
  • available images: Pictures
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